Beste online resources for learning SEO

(This post is a work in progress and I will keep updating through time)

For those interested in learning (more) about SEO and (online) marketing in general I share on this page my favourite resources. This page is not (might never be) finished and I keep updating it. So make sure that if you like it to come check it out every now and than to check for updates.

  • Moz – When I started learning SEO in 2016, I quickly discovered Moz and it instantly became my number 1 go to website. Especially the Whiteboard Friday video’s, as well as the learning centre and the blog, I consumed it all in a fast rate. It’s not only that it is clear, well written and organised. It’s specifically the charismatic character of Rand Fishkin, the founder, that shines through all its content and makes it so easy to consume. It some how made me feel welcome into this huge new community where there is so much to learn and so much going on. See for yourself and dive straight into the white board friday videos, learning center and the blog
  • Ahrefs – as my first job in SEO was as a link builder, the first SEO tool I was introduced to was Ahrefs. I first had to learn about domain authority, link juice and all the metrics that define SEO. And once I had some understanding of those, I was shown the wonderful world of backlink data and the number one link building tactic in iGaming: copying your competitors back link profile. Through playing with the website and the data, looking at tons of different content, analysing anchors, link paths, types of content, directories, good links, bad links and more, both my knowledge as my fascination for the business grew.
  • Majestic – another tool for helping to understand links and content
  • Search Engine Land
  • Search Engine Journal
  • People to follow
    • Matt Cutts
    • John Mueller
    • Barry Schwartz, not always as easy to consume, but he is always on top of things so by following him I feel I stay up to date

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