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If your strategy is to be found via search engines, than you need a plan with regards to your Search Engine Optimisation and to execute that plan you need tools. 

A couple of tools are available for free such as Google Analytics and Search Console. But these tools don’t cover all your needs. Hence, you need to invest in some paid tools. Now there are a lot! Some offer a complete package, others have a specific function that won’t be valuable to everyone. There are great blogs out there that have made extensive comparisons where you can get lots of information.

In this post we won’t go into any details. We just want to give a shout out our favorites.

If you choose to invest in tools, than Coherentes recommends two: Advanced Web Ranking, AWR and Ahrefs

Advanced Web Ranking

Advanced Web Ranking, or short AWR, is a great web based tool that enables tracking of keyword ranking and integrates with Google Analytics and Search Console. 

If you want to purchase AWR, than please do so via this link. Purchasing through this link doesn’t cost you anything more, but enables us to receive a commission that supports our business. 


Besides creating great content for your websites to help you rank, you need a good working website and links pointing to your content. For this our preferred tool is Ahrefs. It is in our opinion the best tool for everything link building related and it’s audit tool does a great job in identifying issues in your content and code. 

What else:

Need to get more in depth information about your site and backlinks and want to do your own crawl, Screaming Frog is the tools to use. Free if the website you crawl has less than 500 pages. The paid version comes with lots of extra features and costs £149 annually.

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